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A Company Of Heroes

The World Depended on them and they Depended on Each Other

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A Company of Heroes is a slash-free RPG community.
As a quick aside, this community isn't meant to deter anyone from joining; if you are pro-slash or whatnot, you can still join if you wish, you just can't post slash here. It's just set up this way so other aspects of the men and story can be focused on.

Rules and Regulations:
1. Please, no slash threads or content.
2. Treat each other with respect, people; any attempts to drama and wank will not be taken lightly.
3. Please keep your posts to one post per day.
4. Please refrain from posting as other player's characters unless you have received permission from those players to do so. This just saves everybody some confusion and makes things easier to follow.

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Already Playing:
Richard Winters lt_winters
Lewis Nixon airborneshifty
Carwood Lipton mommy_lip
Ronald Speirs ron_speirs
Buck Compton lieutblue_eyes
Don Malarkey heymalark
Eugene Roe doc_roe
Joe Liebgott kickass_jew
George Luz gotapenny
Johnny Martin niprhidel
Herbert Sobel cpt_contraband
David Webster jumpgirl42
Father Maloney agapeflower117
Robert Sink five_o_sink
Joe Toye mssamyx
Floyd Talbert ourboytab
Alex Penkala perfectly_good
Bill Guarnere hotinafrica
Albert Blithe 0bliviouscharm
Bull Randleman sgt_hayseed
Frank Perconte armynoodles
Harry Welsh harry_welsh
Thomas Meehan nojumptonight
Babe Heffron darling_doris
Don Hoobler cpl_lugerlust
Pat Christenson sgt_sketchalot
Skip Muck skip_muck
Roy Cobb cornontehcobb
Shifty Powers dont_miss
Chuck Grant sgt_grant
Jack Foley lt_jack_foley
William Evans alouette_sparra

Other roles:
A kraut 1 klaus_leicht
A kraut 2 sieg_verlor
A local dame prty_ldy
Renee LeMaire, French Nurse nifty_nurse
Gwen MacKenzie, Civilian War Correspondent justawarco

Currently Available:
Robert 'Popeye' Wynn
Ralph Spina
John Janovac
Walter Gordon
Wayne Sisk
Earl McLung
Lester Hashey
William Dukeman
Antonio Garcia
Alton More
Joseph Lesniewski (the other kickass jew ^_~)
James 'Moe' Alley

Side Note:I may have inadvertently forgotten some people, so if there is a character you'd like that isn't on here, it may still be available-just ask and I'll get back to you. Also, some characters are being played by the same person so, even if the role is listed as taken, you can still ask the mods for the part and possibly get it.

Currently, we need to fill many, many characters, so if you are interested in playing a role, let sarahtalk know in one of these posts. For any other problems/questions/requests turn to meyrevived, sweetafton or sarahtalk

If you want to have a separate journal devoted to your character that's fine but you don't have to. If you do, however, please place the following statement, or statements similar to this one in your user info:

This is a character journal for company_heroes RPG and is not meant to reflect in any way upon the real _______, the men of Easy Company, or their associates. Though some statements here are based in fact, this is intended as a character journal to be used to portray events that may not have happened. No disrespect or infringement is intended.

If you're looking for icons for your RP character, why not look up bobicons or pbs_for_rpgs and don't forget to credit the icon makers!

Last but not least, our boys (and ours, sometimes) chat room outside the plot - companyheroeshq where plots are made and conspiracies woven, invitations to boozeouts are handed and general off-RP chat goes down - you're all welcome!